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Cut edge transmision belt

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Cut edge transmision belt

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Product details

Application:Used to transmit momentum and promote the materials, apply to engine, air-blower, lifting machine water pump and threshing machine, and etc.

Feature:High strength canvas to the framework material, hang with good quality rubber material, high intensity and transmission power, excellent flexibility, no slide cross transmission is available. Easy to stitch, little elongation durable.
※Round edged flat transmission belt:the outermost layer canvas or multilayer canvas of round edged transmission belt be wraped up, the side of the belts’ curved.
※Cut edged flat transmission belt:cut edged transmission belt is made by adhering several layers of full width canvas together. The sides of the belts are flat surfaces by cutting. The edges of belf are coated with rubber paste.

Physical property
1.Overall thickness tensile strength of flat transmission belt

Tensile strength specification Overall thickness tensile strength Reference number of canvas layers
Vertical minimum Horizontal minimum
190 190 75 3
240 240 95 4
290 290 115 5
340 340 130 6
385 385 225 7
425 425 250 8
450 450 / 9
500 500 / 10

2.Elongation at break:in vertical tensile test,the elongation at break should not exceed 20%.

3.Adhesion strength:adhesion between flat belt layers is no less than 3.0KN/M.Products specification


With(mm) Plies Width tolerance(mm) 3-4 ±2 3-6 ±3 4-6 ±4
288.300.315.350.400.450.550.600 4-10 ±5

※Round edged flat transmission belt

※Cut edged flat transmission belt

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