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Zhejiang Longshenghua Rubber Co.,Ltd. located in china(Tiantai) rubber belt industrial city. our company was founded in 1989,covers more than 60,000.00 square meters, with fixed assets RMB 200,000,000.00 register funds RMB 100,000,000 register brand "Longshenghua".

Our company produces all kinds of conveyor belt and transmission belt........




Area covered (㎡)




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Conveyor belt is widely used in agriculture, industry and mining enterprises and transportation industry to convey all kinds of solid bulk and powder materials or finished articles. Conveyor belt can be continuous, high efficiency, large inclination transportation, conveyor belt operation safety......

Conveyor belt

The transmission belt is the transmission medium in the transmission belt system. One or more of the pulleys will be powered to move the belt and carry the material on the belt. In factories, the handling of conveying materials or objects in boxes or pallets, and the handling of bulk materials transporting large quantities of materials or agricultural products (such as grain, salt, coal, ore, sand or mulch).

Flat transmission belt

  • lsh

    High speed rail 30 ton tension machine

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    High temperature tensile machine

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    Abrasion tester

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    Detection equipment


We have big sales in both domestic market and overseas market, such as Asia,Africa, Europe and America. With advanced equipment, scientific management and correct operation. We adhere to the policy of "science first, quality first".
We will try our best to satisfy customers'demands. Welcome to visit our company and talk business with us.

Problems and solutions in the use of conveyor belts
Belt slippage. The reason is that the friction force of the roller is reduced, the overload or the adhesive tape is stuck..
(1) The tape is elongated due to plastic deformation after a period of use
Prevention and treatment of slipping of adhesive tape
First, strengthen operation management, control the quantity of materials and prohibit overload operation. Normal use of slip protection device, slip through the sensor signal, automatic......
Longitudinal tear and aging cracking of adhesive tape
The reasons for this situation are:
(1) the conveyor belt is jammed into the sharp blade during its operation and will be torn longitudinally.
(2) tear during friction with fixed hard objects.